Does It Matter?

I used to spend an hour or so a week typing my thoughts here.  Originally, I used it to figure out what I needed to know about blogging.  Then it became a way to document some of the projects I was working on and to help understand the difference between options.

Eventually, I was putting out some thoughts regarding project management, technology change, and other topics I was wrestling with as I moved into new responsibilities.  Some where a long the way, I lost interest (or perhaps discipline) in regularly posting.   It might have been time became scarce, or perhaps I became self-conscious in what I was sharing as I became ever more aware that I had more and more to learn.

What ever it was, I am going to give it another whirl to see if I close the doors for good or use this space as a sounding board to work through the details of my current tasks and responsibilities.  On my plate right now are the following projects.

  • Phone Services Pilot/Upgraded
  • Campus Television Service
  • Review of Processes/Support
    • Basic Video Production Support
    • Revisions to Windows 7 Configuration
    • Support of Web Conferencing
  • Safer Computing Habits
  • Updating our Data Storage Policy and File storage for non-standard files
  • Developing SaaS Purchasing Recommendations
  • File Storage from My Documents to Mapped Drive

As I write these down, it seems clear I have a lot going on and that there is a good bit to think about.  Let’s see where this goes this time.

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