Impact – First Week Back

Today, the MGMT 2012 Miami Alum received a note from a new friend and colleague that lead with this..

So it is Thursday.

What have you done since you got back? That is different or that you learned in class or from each other? Little stuff or big stuff? Small experiments of change that worked or didn’t work? Even if it is small behaviors or little changes or even if it is just something you are thinking about doing differently? Some goals to work towards?

This made me think, what have I done?

  • I am on my fifth day of using a quadrant to do list which is helping me to stay focused on the important tasks and minimizes my desire to chase the shine objects that come in and out of my office at regular intervals.  (I should note that I should be making three phone calls right now but I have chosen to respond as this will not make it to the important and soon column for a few days.)
  • I adopted a new conversation starter – “What can you tell me about..”  – when trying to figure out details of situations I learn through third parties.
  • I am more quick to realize monkeys and I am more likely to support colleagues to work through the situation than to accept the monkey on my back unnecessarily.

Through all of these I have seen small blocks of time to take on the projects and tasks that should be holding my attention (like planning and working more closely with the community).

Thanks for asking Jeremy.

My next post will be on –

How many of you have also realized that you need to ration out the changes, or at least more well develop some of them, before coming back from a week away and trying to dump 8,301 new ideas all at once?

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