Developing a Project Management Culture

It is interesting, the conversations around me are following are all carrying a similar tune…

Do you have a project manager? Nope it would be nice.. We could really use another one…

The presenter started with project management culture is not something that happens easily. He has hooked us as the audience is already frantically taking down his bits of wisdom.

Interesting enough he is spending a fair amount of time on what is culture and why it is important to understand and committing to change at that level. It comes down to people. We are the largest investment on any project and we are the reasons project succeed or fail.

Project Management is people management pure and simple.

Portfolio Management is a managed grouping of potential and active processes. The right portfolio and right culture is operationalizing strategic goals

At the end of a project the process needs to be normalized and transitioned to the service operations.

By developing a culture of project management you can solve
Priority setting issues
Minimize the I don’t have time to communicate the project, just let me get it done.
Never ending projects
Budget pressures by maximizing investments and resources 60-70% of our time is merely to keep the lights running
Gives us a way to say no
Increase the 15-20% of our time to work on strategic projects
Improvement of user technician relations
Improved employee satisfaction.

Project fails
Missing and incomplete requirements
Unrealistic timelines
Lack of user involvement
Scope creep
Lack of change control
Inadequate resources

The pillars of your project management model
1. Define the job what do you need and I will provide you what we can provide.
2. Get the right people involved. Lay it out and ask for commitment.
3. Estimates of time and cost. Be careful to avoid premature precision.
4. Breakdown the tasks.
5. Establish a change procedure – change will happen we do not want unmanaged change.
6. Know when the project is done. Agree up front the completion criteria.

Common pit falls and success factors
1. Project management culture can not be bought it needs to be bought into from the ground up and the top down.
2. Take stock of where you are now. Encourage the good and diminish the trait that aren’t in line with the culture you are developing
3. Recognize that what you are attempting is behavioral change and that takes time
4. Be multidirectional in your communication.

Maturity Model PPM
5. Pre and post project evaluations of business value, continuous evaluation.
4. Systematic project prioritization.
3. Resource management across all projects.
2. Awareness of what is in the pipeline.
1. awareness of current projects

Other important steps
Important to document a shared common language.
Standard reporting and monthly review

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