A new it framework to enable effective change

Starting at the University, he realize IT was a silo and trusted organization. This came from IT was never viewed as an enterprise enabled by the institution.

The institution and IT organization were ripe for some change even though the University is steeped in traditions and e way things were normally done.

Conceptually he views the frame work as a series of triangle

The top triangle is governance and base triangles of quality assurance and project manage mention with the central base triangle being portfolio management.

Having senior administrators understanding that they need to be responsible and accountable for their IT. If they don’t IT wont be seen as an asset but instead a black hole of dollars and untapped resource.

Role of governance is to
Ensure strategic alignment
Assess value delivery
Optimize risk management
Advise on resource management
Promote performance measurement

Uses a senior committee structure to have a representative group review the portfolio and take ownership of projects as institutional initiatives not IT projects.

Portfolio Management
While technology is not a strategic initiative in and of itself roughly 70 percent of what is identified in the strategic plan making IT a tactic of the strategy.

They view portfolio management more universally than the stricter definitions of project management.

Some points of the portfolio management section
1. Give different priority of strategic projects than projects from the community (Faculty, Staff, Administration).
2. Give people the right and authority to say no and a structure to identify when and how to say no.
3. In this framework functional units need to share information, staff, knowledge, resources, etc..
4. There is a person whose job it is to manage the portfolio and the system hinges on this person being informed.

Project Management
1. Has invested time and resources in developing project management skills of the staff.
2. Commitment to follow project management standards in all projects.
3. Use dot project as the project management system.

Quality and Process Management
1. Time,
2. Money
3. Quality

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