NYU’s Virtual Computer Lab

Their idea was based on NC States experience with improvements. Presenter was project manager.

One of the critical pieces of the success was having the A Team. Having people who could tell you what you wouldn’t know until you failed kept them going and on time. (Does Longsight have this expertise? )

Some take aways
1. High end projects are still expected to be done in the physical computer lands. “Regular” course work on special software.

2. Make some conscious decisions about what is going to happen and what is going to be outside the scope or phase 2.

3. Rubric of selection – makes it easy to tell the story of selection.

4. Really takes a lot of conversations to put such a system into place. Basic project management so don’t forget it.

5. Don’t forget that you need documentation and q and a time. Developing a proof of concept provides ample benefits buyin from higher ups, test the value of the consultants, gets you something that can be shopped around for feedback.

6. Be willing to get something rolling and add stuff in successive phases.

7. Time out periods can be an issue. Add this as a measurement in the pilot period.

8. Storage issues where are the files be saved?

9. SPSS still does not work. NYU is working with IBM on virtual licensing wolfram.

10. Are doing access on a first come first serve system because the decided not to pursue a reservation system. They would like to have a ticket system. This was not designed for in class use. (They are in talks with the Chemistry department to provide in class access. This is an issue of citric licenses not application licenses as the chemistry classes are in the hundreds of students range. )

11. They do not use roaming profiles and time from click to use is roughly 10 seconds. Students say that is too long so there is less likelihood that they will institute a roaming profile.

12. June 1 is the deadline to have a new application added to the virtual lab to be ready for fall semester.

Stuff for our project

1. Get the players in the room and talk about this to make it a project.

2. Account for this in the summer project list.

3. Will our option be functional on windows and Mac os? Do we care?

4. Who is the on the ground champion for this project? Do I need to worry about this?

5. Are we attempting desktop virtualization or application virtualization? (what is the difference?)

6. Where are we at on licensing?

7. Is our intention to provide application access for inclass use or outofclass use?

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