Reduced to the common mobile denominator

A few days ago I got a call saying I need to do a conference call in a room without a phone line and it needs to come off without a hitch.

My reaction was partial Princess Bride (What are our assets and liabilities)

with a huge scoop of Debbie Downer (Whan, whan..)

But the request was legitimate so what did we think of Skype of course.  (Skype is the cure all for all technology communication problems, if you haven’t heard.)  Naturally, we went from a teleconference to a video conference cause you got the technology so why not use it (right?).  Well then come to find out, there is not a wired connection in the room (which brought out my inner Debra Downer) which caused us to scaled back to a conference call. We got the plan and were assembling the parts as we started to think of our liabilities (a third helping of Debbie Downer), we started to back pedal wondering if it could actually be pulled off.

We started over and we ended up on an innovate solution that we all carry in our pockets (or belt if you are cool enough to do so) – Yep that is right a simple cell phone.  (Not sure why we jumped from no phone line to lets us a computer and the internet but we did.  )

We are attaching a set of computer speakers to the staff member’s blackberry so everyone in the room can clearly hear and bam! instant mobile teleconferencing system.  The initial test conducted in the basement of a building during a tornado warning did not work so well – actually it was a failure – but the onsite test was aces!

The cell phone was our holocaust cloak.  To that the hero said, Why didn’t you list that as an asset?

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