Reflecting on the NERCOMP Conference

Over the last four or five hours I have listened to presentations that stimulate ideas.

  • When does it make sense to virtualize desktops
  • How to provide access to specialized software
  • Identification of strategic vs. tatical
  • Making the decisions to optimize the resources to align with the strategic.
  • Managing expectations by communicating what the organization does or does not
  • Attacking work through the lens of play and learning
  • Consideration of the next steps in career   (planning vs taking advantage of opportunities that present)

Currently, I am in a session on career planning.  The focus of this session is about the non-technical skill set of the IT manager.    People who know the business of IT, the academy, priority setting, understanding of constituent needs, and balancing the demands of the situation.

The presenter’s words of advise

  • Know theyself – Figure out what you are good at, what are you struggle at, etc..
  • What are other’s impression of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish goals to work through
  • Know your community
  • do not forget that there is business mixed among all this technology
  • know the academy
  • learn how to get things done  in a timely way and use the limited resources
  • hone your project management skills and be good at identifying opportunity costs
  • learn how to talk, listen, write, present, and generally tell a story of projects, tasks, work, etc..
  • Learn Excel – it is the language of business/organization
  • Presentation is 80% of acceptance   – when the story is told well…
  • Respect time – particularly when it is other people’s time
    • make a point of sticking to agenda
    • when you are done be done even if there are 20 minutes remaining
    • when talking to executives remember the true value is your interactions with them not the words that come from your mouth.  seek their questions value there times
  • Find ways to gain trust and don’t drop the ball
  • Become an active listener!

A big part of career planning is choosing when to stay and when to  go?

– keep a current resume

– interview even though you might not be ready to move is a great practice

– write on a regular basis  Dwight keeps a weekly blog

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