Pieces of A Project Management Model

Today at the project management meeting four projects were discussed as a means to identifying ways projects are successful and ways that they fail.

Out of the discussions came the following thoughts that I want to make sure are remembered as we move from the review of the past to development of a set of principles that will serve Allegheny – or more so LITS as we work on projects.

  1. A clearly defined scope is important
  2. There is a need to incorporate some sort of mechanism to re-evaluate the project in midstream should planning/implementation provide new information and circumstances that changes the scope of the original project
  3. For projects that are exploratory and end with a proposal of a path to pursue, it is important for the originator of the project to provide clear feedback of the outcome particularly when what is in the proposal is not acted upon.
  4. Project Phases assist in managing the scope of the project to break things in to manageable parts.  This could also help with generating timelines and priorities
  5. Reflection on the process whether formal or informal is important.
  6. Sometimes things just don’t go as plan and handling such surprises means other projects/tasks could get delayed.
  7. Projects that fit nicely into the bigger picture are easier to support and build momentum around (but not always).
  8. The tasks that need to be done closer to the end of a project are going to be most effected by lost time near the start of the project.  It is important for those at the start of the project to understand how that impacts those at the far end of the project.
  9. Trust and Shared understanding are key.
  10. When in a project it is natural to have a desire to grow the project as you see new opportunities to be helpful.  It is important to consider if the areas of growth are important to the initial project or better serve the College through Phase X of the project.

I am sure there are others to include but these are the few tidbits that have stuck in my mind from our discussion.

What are the practical pieces of advice you can share about your project management strategies.

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