The Start of a G-Drive

A few days/weeks ago Google announced the ability to upload any file format to your Google Docs.  At the time, several folks took notice wondering when we would actually see it in Allegheny’s instance of Google Apps.  This morning I found this notice as I went to my documents.

Another thing to add to the list of things to discuss with the community in our follow-up Google Apps meetings we are planning throughout the Spring Semester.  As part of these meeting we were brainstorming a list of new features rolled out since we started implementation in April, 2009.  So far our list includes –

  • Tasks – From nothing to full feature.
  • Google Groups – Incorporated into Google Apps for Education allowing…
  • Advanced Google Doc Features –
    • Share Folder
    • Mass Export of Files
    • Drag and Drop to folder/label
    • Upload Anything
    • Docs in Email window – lab feature
  • Send SMS feature in Google Talk
  • Canned Responses
  • Connection of change password links to Allegheny’s password change form
  • Offline’s move from Labs to full feature
  • Email Labs Features of Note
    • Suggest additional recipients
    • Not the right bob
    • Undo Send
    • calendar and docs in email window
    • Growing Concept of the mail window as the portal to rest of suite
    • drag and drop messages to label
    • send and archive

What are other features worth noting in this list?

Another area of interest is how to connect these tools into Sakai’s backbone?  If you are a college out there doing both Sakai and Google Apps for Education, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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