links for 2010-01-19

  • got to thinking about this today so the appearance of this post is creepy/timely – sounds like the job of an instructional technologist is about take another evolutionary step. what is the next iteration going to look like. are others having similar thoughts or formal conversations related to the future of an instructional technologist?
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2 comments on “links for 2010-01-19
  1. jadudm says:

    That post is tongue-in-cheek, right?

    Is the role of an instructional technologist really defined in terms of the technology? If so, then yes, as users become more savvy, that role is less useful.

    Are instructional technologists ever responsible for helping with critical evaluation of educational effectiveness? I mean, so what if I use a blog in my classroom—did better learning take place? Standard institutional evaluations do not capture the effectiveness of interventions with respect to learning outcomes, and faculty don’t have the bandwidth to do those evaluations in place.

    But that article seemed kinda over the top. Someone is way too stressed out, it seems. 🙂

  2. James says:

    Yes – tongue and cheek most definitely.

    But the question is what is the role of an instructional technologist? It is more often the case that an instructional technologist is more often considered expert in the technology than in the pedagogy/design process. This perception has been contrary to the reality here at Allegheny and at most places, but there is very rarely the vehicle to help the community to flush out the role. Adding to the situation is most people earnestly believe that “everyone” knows what an instructional technologist is, thus there is no need for role clarification.

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