A Good Reminder from Allegheny’s President

With the coming of my daughter, a new school year, kindergarten, and the host of other changes that come with August, September and October, I have been struggling with finding time to blog.  Today, I took the following excerpt as a sign to take a few minutes away from the grind…

On another topic related to wellness, this time of the semester, when the press of work can be particularly heavy, it can be tempting to hunker down and focus on the next deadline. Deadlines are important, but I want to remind us all that it’s important to find balance in our lives and also to take advantage of the opportunities we have here to interact with other members of our campus community and to see the work that’s being done not only by visitors to campus but by our colleagues and peers. November will see public lectures and panel discussions on a variety of topics, Playshop Theatre productions, concerts by our student musicians, dance performances, athletic contests, and a host of other events — and, yes, it will bring a chance to catch our breath over Thanksgiving vacation, too. Taking a break from work to go to a play, a concert, a public lecture, or a game can recharge us and reconnect us to our community — and that’s time well spent.

Now, I know blogging is not mentioned here but I will do the other things as well. (If I can find the time 😉 )

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