Always nice when a meeting is useful

Today, those of us who support and teach in technology classroom gathered for a lunch meeting.  Considering the time of year (the wednesday before spring break) it was a very well attended meeting.  The meeting focused on three general topics of discussion.

  • How are rooms being used?
  • What is or isn’t working?
  • What is on the horizon?

It is very clear that the rooms are being used and that the main issue continues to making the technology as seamless with technology as possible.  Technical difficulties, 3rd party human intervention, and unexplainable events seem to be at the heart of many issues.  We have a few tangible that we can work on at this point and will undoubtedly add more to our list tomorrow morning when we debrief further about the meeting internally.

No matter what comes out of this I think the meeting was successful in helping to connect those interested in technology with the new faces of Technology Support in User Services and Instructional Technology.  The meeting reinforced my belief that we need to focus on the relationships and that will go a long way in an allaround reliable and user friendly computing environment on campus.

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