Looking Forward –

It is the start of a new year and with that comes a conditioned desire to look forward and attempt to make the coming year better (what ever better means) than the previous year. Most of us do this and I am no exception.

As the days away from work diminished and thoughts of work started to creep back into my consciousness I have found myself mulling the following thoughts regarding work.

  1. I have a better understanding of my role and spending more time forming the work instead of implementing the tasks (to varying degrees of success I must admit).  There are a few bits of organizational dynamics to address to make us work more smoothly but those are tweaks that are only apparent because things are working well and generally moving in the same direction.
  2. Now that we (user services) has our niche carved and day to day tasks becoming second nature, how do we connect with the community beyond requests for help? If we are better connected with the community it will help us be more intune with their perspective allowing us to make better decisions when implementing what needs to be done.  The question I face is how to accomplish this?  I am going to propose that each of us take a few buildings and commit to walking through them a couple times a month with the sole purpose being trying to connect with users and helping them know that we are people who want to help.  It will be interesting to learn how the group will respond and improve the idea.  (This is one thing I really appreciate about my colleagues – they field my half-baked ideas and make them into plausible practices they feel comfortable implementing.)
  3. I will also be doing my own part to reach out to the community.  I would like to meet with a majority of directors on campus to start the conversations of working better together.
  4. The last “resolution” is for me to gain a better understanding of how a college’s budget, particularly the portion of which I am responsible is most appropriately used over the course of the year.  Starting to attend the FFC meetings and the Finances portion of the IT Manager’s Series  has given me a good framework of how to use and talk about budgets by connecting to the mission of the institution.

We will see how these play out.  I will be blogging more on these topics and we will see how it goes.  Your input is welcome.

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