Received My 3×5 Index Card in the Mail Today.

Funny coincidence today, the day that I return to the office from day 2 of NERCOMP’s IT Manager Series, I received the note card I sent to myself at day 1 of the series.

The card was to force us to check in with myself about a goal set during the during one of the sessions on that first day.  My card asks –

How well have you shifted your communication strategies to meet the communication styles/needs of the people your work with?

The answer is – I’m not sure.  I have spent a lot of time on talking about communication, what is being done, what we want to convey, what we need to learn, how to be inclusive, etc..But have I shifted my strategies or just attacked communication from my perspective and style and not actually communicated in a manner that works for the various communication styles and information needs of those I work with.

I will need to think about this a bit.  – Any constructive criticism from the peanut gallery?

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