Live from Norwood; It’s Project Management with Dwight Fischer

The starting point is that understanding principles of project management is different than implimenting good project management techniques.  Every project is different and has its own set of problems and variables.

Some thoughts from Dwight’s presentation.

  • A lot of IT projects come from the needs of others – This makes sense as Technology Services are a service to others on campus.  Typically it falls to IT to manage the process and project this also makes sense as Tech folk know the most about technology but what about the cultural part of the project.
  • The life cycle of enterprise level technology is shortening.
  • Framing the project and developing a good plan is a starting point as it give people a road map of what needs to get done to check of a project.
  • How important is it to have a 30 sec speech on each of the projects you work on?
  • A project is a temporary endeavor under taken to create a unique product or service.
  • Someone is always in charge.  It may be that the person who is in charge needs to be reminder they are in charge so they can take on the leadership role.  (bottom up projects)
  • Project management is about changing behaviors (need to think about this as part of the web help desk implementation).
  • Knowing why projects fail is important to know as it helps you understand what needs to be laid out in the project plan.
  • It is important to know what you are responsible for in the project.  Are you responsible for total success or just successful implementation.  This comes down to the issue of who is the sponsor or initiator of the project.
  • A good charter process is going to tease out more questions and key points that need to be resolve.

Layers of Project Management

  • Managing Self – understanding of ones role in the organization and how to organize the information and tasks you are responsible for
  • Manage Process or Project – manage a single project
  • Manage Multiple Projects – as you become a leader/manager you are probably at this level
  • Manage Exex Attn & Decisions – When you are good at project management you get the attention of the top level administrators and thusly, their projects.

Reasons for Project Failure  –

  • Failure to align project with organizational objectives
  • poor scope
  • unrealistic expectation
  • lack of executive sponsorship
  • lack of project management
  • inability to move beyond the individual and personality conflicts.
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3 comments on “Live from Norwood; It’s Project Management with Dwight Fischer
  1. jemartin says:

    Say hi to my CIO!

    John Martin
    Coordinator of Learning Technologies
    Plymouth State University

  2. James says:

    I spent 15 – 20 minutes this morning trying to let you know that he was talking to me this morning. But couldn’t work it into a natural tweet.

    He was very informative and gave me many good things to build on. I am inspired to go home and manage projects.

  3. […] colleague and friend James is here as well and took great notes from the session that I will for sure be referring back to. Dwight Fisher, CIO of Plymouth State, […]

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