Homework for Upcoming NERCOMP Managers Session.

We received a section of a Moody’s report titled “2008 U.S. Higher Education Outlook: Stable Outlook f0r 2008 as Both Challenges and Strengths Intensify in the Longer Run” that we are supposed to read and reflect on so we are prepared to discuss several questions.  (Unfortunately I can not share what I am reading as it is copyrighted and we were told specifically not to distribute).  

First of all wo that title is an overwhelming summary of the document. Secondly, I had planned to read it when I first received it three weeks ago but I guess that is life as a procrastinator.  

I will be blogging the answers to these questions as I work through the document.  

  1. What key issues will have the greatest potential effect on the higher education industry over the next decade?
  2. What impact will these factors have on individual colleges/universities?
    1. Which schools will most likely experience positive momentum?  Why?
    2. Which schools will remain relatively stable? Why?
    3.  Which schools will most likely struggle? Why?
  3. What type of school do you work at?  How do you think these factors are going to financially impact your school?
  4. What implications do these factors have for your IT department?  For your IT budget?
  5. What suggestions would you have for your Chief Information Officer (CIO)?  Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO)? 
I hope the document makes some sense to me and that my responses make some sense to you and encourage any proding/response that you could offer.  
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