First Attempt at Setting A Deadline

Computing Services is implementing a new call and asset tracking system that we are struggling to complete the installation for a variety of reasons.  At this point many of the other large projects that seemed to get in the way are complete or far enough along that getting Web Help Desk running is a more realistic priority.  

As the time is right to focus on implementing our instance, I am going to try and apply some of the project management principles (for lack of a better word) that I started discussion with Ethan.  I hope that blogging this will do two things.  

  1. Get the project done.
  2. Give ethan, you and I something to talk

We will see if either of those get accomplished.  I think that will but we’ll see.

In the meantime I think the starting point is setting a date and working back from there with milepost to see if the deadline is realistic or not.  

So here is the line in the sand.

We will start using Web Help Desk on January 2January 5, 2009 as our asset and call tracking system.

Now to think about what needs to happen backwards from there to make things happen.  I will post that in future posts.

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3 comments on “First Attempt at Setting A Deadline
  1. smfenton says:

    I had to laugh, James. You’ll be the only person using Web Help Desk on January 2nd. The rest of us will still be at home enjoying our winter break! But I’ll join you in using it on January 5th.

  2. James says:

    First lesson learned – check that you are working on the day of your deadline.

  3. tsiddall says:


    Ping me if you are having any challenges whatsoever with our web help desk software deployment over the next few months. Ping Kevin H. here at WHD for my contact info if needed. Cheers.


    Terry Siddall | Web Help Desk | V.P. – Sales & Marketing

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